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The validity of standardized instruments must be established through repeated application of scales in different contexts and among different population groups.

Leonard-Barton's Voluntary Simplicity Lifestyle Scale was administered to a sample of California and Colorado voters.

The use of This paper was written while Professor Steenkamp was on sabbatical leave at the Department of Marketing, The Pennsylvania State University, supported by a fellowship from the Niels Stensen Foundation.This list has been compiled by Detmar Straub of the College of Business Administration at Georgia State University. It is his collection of specific references on methodology which he has updated in response to feedback from an ISWorld List solicititation. "Significance Tests and Goodness of Fit in the Analysis of Covariance Structures." . "Reexamining a Model for Evaluating Information Center Success Using a Structural Equation Modeling Approach." (2 (Spring)): 309-334.