Calvinist dating

They’re so lost in their books, they’re not interested in the needs around them.

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The doctrines of grace are really important to me in the way I understand God’s sovereignty in salvation, and in every aspect of my life, but I’m not one of those guys who beats every one over the head with Reformed theology.Most are still stuck on, “Wait, I'm supposed to date Christians?” That said, once you've established the importance of marrying someone who will be your partner in the faith and has the mutual goal of encouraging you in your relationship with Christ, you may start to wonder, “Well, does it really matter what of Christian they are?We’re not doubting you’ve had bad experiences with so-called Calvinists, but whether the experiences you’ve had are really examples of Calvinism.If all your encounters have been bad, or others’ stories so off-putting they’ve kept you away entirely, we ask you to give us just four minutes with this video.