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Hi there, Well...I am again after being away....whats changed since I was last here?

I've got a new car, have been on around the world and I'm now single.

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Jaymee Hi, Im a 23 year old guy just looking for someone to be with. Just looking for a good fun time and pure no strings mad sex!

I broke up with my longterm girlfriend a few month since (were together since we were 16! Ive only ever had 1 girl in my life so my experiences might be a bit limited but if anyone fancies teachin me a few tricks Im well up for learning : D I absolutely love giving oral too, so quite happy to go down on any willing ladies and spend a bit of time making you smile : D Just another thing... Hi ladies couples all thanks for reading i am young medium built Asian fun loving male looking to meet new friends ladies couples female couples ect.

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