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While some veterans turn to drugs and alcohol to cope, reports suggest a growing number are seeking solace in porn.The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have led to an epidemic of porn abuse among military personnel.Below are excerpts from the chat logs, which Lamo provided to As received by Wired, the logs contained timestamps but not dates, so the dates below are approximate.Returning home from war should be a joyful time for military personnel and their families.But for some service men and women, experiences abroad cast a shadow on life at home, making it difficult to acclimate to normal life.

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But for some veterans, a porn habit becomes an escape hatch – one that doesn’t necessarily disappear when the immediate stressors have dissipated and the family is reunited on home ground.

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There's a concept called "Baneposting" where trolls fill comment sections with references to a line spoken by Tom Hardy's character, Bane, to Aidan Gillen's character during the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises.

Would the military consider you a white or black hat? From what I heard they were able to establish ways to assist the activists to have a method where they could get information out of Egypt and have certain Twitter accounts tweet that information on their behalf. As soon as I was like, "Hey, this is this person," and vice versa, they did tweet confirmation to make sure that certain Twitter accounts were controlled by certain people, and then I headed out of the room so there would be no "taint" of having a fed there.

Why do Anonymous members outside the military trust you? I admit I work for the feds, and I provide information on myself so that they are comfortable.