Updating detailsview not working

On a tablet the Contacts Application will use a 2 column layout with the "list" view on the left and the "details" view in the center.The previous version of the Contacts Application has support for two views, the list view and the details view.

Since we are using dojox/app and we already have the Contacts Application running on a phone, it is easy to update the application to have it use a two column layout on a tablet.

In this example, click the View tab, and then click Details.

This is my preferred view, and what I want to see as the default at all times.

File Explorer (previously known as Windows Explorer in Windows versions prior to 8) defaults to show files as icons and to hiding some files from you. Not only am I a control freak who wants to see all of the files and details by default, but even after all this time, there are actually real security issues associated with File Explorer’s choice of default display.

There are several options you can manipulate, and it’s fairly easy to make them the default.

Updating detailsview not working