How to tell someone you are not interested in dating

I’m not interested in a relationship right now: Let’s face it, telling someone you are interested in them romantically, is tough.It takes a lot of courage and can be nerve racking for a guy.According to her, this is the most practical way to wrap up any awkwardness and cut to the chase when you’re not interested.Dockterman’s “How To” was written to defend the move against feminist Alecia Lynn Eberhardt's critique.It’s a good plan, but you have to know when you’re putting up too many walls. Things women do that push guys away There’s a preconceived notion that women tend to play games with men, just to see how much they can take. Don’t blame us for that, because men haven’t given us much of a reason to trust them.

While, you might be in the mood to have a relationship, he might not be the one you want to have it with.

Cool.” Now, I’m sure this conversation isn’t exactly how it goes down, but you get the drift.

“I think women ghost men because something happened that caused them to lose interest and they don’t want to be rude about it; or the man did something to hurt the girl’s feelings,” said Florida State University junior Nicole Juarez.

But to be honest, I think they all come up short.'s Eliana Dockterman argues that when you want to ditch a man’s advances at a bar, efficiency rules.

The best thing to do is lie and tell him you're in a relationship.

How to tell someone you are not interested in dating