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Otherwise I’ve been helping out other journalists as “otome consultant”, providing guidance for this Mystic Messenger article on Vice and this Mystic Messenger article on Kotaku.

Video games have always been a disproportionately male thing.

Games are great, and free games are even better, so if you’re hankering after a new game or two to keep you busy this spring, here’s Sony’s latest giveaways courtesy of the Play Station Plus subscription service…

Twin-stick multiplayer shooter Alienation is first up for grabs on the Play Station 4, along with the fantastically funny, story-driven Tales from the Borderlands. For those of you still rocking retro with your Play Station 3, you’ll snag both Blood Knights and Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, and for those who love to game on the go, the PS Vita is offering up Laser Disco Defenders and Type: Rider, both of which also feature Cross-Buy, so you can play ‘em on your PS4, too.

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