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We sit back and compare our body to theirs in hopes that they are worse off. It’s sad really, It wasn’t until the ease of internet access and chat rooms that gave us the opportunity to socialize through our computers.To compare our despair and negative thoughts towards ourselves under the protective blanket anonymity.I think it would be a great place for people to come together.i know back when I was a teenager (wow, it seems like a long time ago--about a decade ago! If I remember correctly, anyone PKU was allowed to use it anytime (for example, if a few PKU contacts happened to all be online at the same time and have a group discussion) but there was a schedule.

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For some reason when in the presence of someone else who is fat we don’t seek acceptance from each other or understanding.

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Being a fat guy in successful relationship over two years , I guess I am in a position to answer.

Lose your ego and don't get hurt on rejection.

Being fat has always been a lonely, negative feeling.