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This particular shelter was said to be the “best” one in the city because attached to the building is an Aldi, it is not in a residential area (so much fewer complaints are made from outside of the shelter) and they have lots of services and activities available to the residents within the same building.

Some of the things I’ve done this week were reading and asking a lot about the asylum process in Germany, sitting in on individual consultations, assisting with data entry, attending the weekly team-meeting (consisting of my supervisor who leads the Integration and Migration department at the German Red Cross-Duesseldorf and workers at the shelters for asylum seekers) and learning more about what services and partnerships the German Red Cross-Duesseldorf has.

Each day of my first week was drastically different from the one before it but I quickly learned that there are lots of things that need to get done, never-ending obstacles and not as many workers as there need to be, but things still get done.

This week I spent two days at one of the five refugee shelters that are here in Duesseldorf.

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Placed on 15-day disabled list, April 22-May 27, with strained left oblique that he hurt April 21 vs.

Although my German is not fantastic, everyone has been very welcoming, patient with and helpful to me, and for that I am beyond grateful!

But even with my broken German, I’ve already been able to talk to some of the staff about the frustrations that they and this population faces.