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Along with ex-husband, Neal Campbell, Lewis hosted Geek Brief. in June 2010, after 800 episodes, Lewis ended her partnership with Mevio, which resulted in Geek Brief TV airing its final episode on June 25. The show was an audio podcast available on i Tunes, but it has since been removed. She records the show while sometimes broadcasting a live show on Ustream, so people can interact using the chat room.

Its a sad day, but one that was destined to come – not because of what I’ve done, but because Neal Campbell has been defaming me for nearly a year and there are no signs that he’s ever going to let up. And when she did, my wife and I eventually took her side. Actually over half of marriages end in divorce according to Jennifer Baker.

But within 2-3 weeks he completely changed his position and decided that none of it was his fault, and . Over the coming weeks, and then months, Neal acted with conviction and malice to try and convince anyone who would listen to him that Cali had “abandoned God”, and that I was the primary cause of it.

As far as I can tell when Neal decides you are no longer useful – you become the enemy. He called me evil, satanic, and a number of other things – and his insults were always sharpest in the early morning. I can understand that going through a separation or divorce would be a very emotional time.

The group's operations extend from New York and the eastern seaboard to California.

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I can even understand being angry and blaming people.

But it is not rational to lash out publicly, and often, especially when the people whom you have decided to attack know all of your terrible secrets.