Consolidating information in option transactions

The New York Stock Exchange LLC is the Administrator of Network A and NYSE American is the Administrator of Network B.The Plans were filed with and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with Section 11A of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.Puts, calls, strike prices, premiums, derivatives, bear put spreads and bull call spreads — the jargon is just one of the complex aspects of options trading. Options can provide flexibility for investors at every level and help them manage risk.To see if options trading has a place in your portfolio, here are the basics of what options are, why investors use them and how to get started.

But options are useful for long-term buy-and-hold investors, too.

If it doesn’t, your financial losses are limited to the price of the contract.

You also can limit your exposure to risk on stock positions you already have.

For example: Within two months of the approval of the NMS plan the SROs must select a plan processor to build and operate the CAT.

SROs will be required to begin reporting to the CAT within one year of approval, with large broker-dealers following the next year and small broker-dealers the year after.