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This model is obliquely referred to in the draft policy document as “overbroad criminalisation of the operational aspects of sex work”, and “indirect criminalisation” of sex workers.

______________________________________ Image Source For tradesmen and women experienced in construction and general contraction, with organizational and communication skills, construction management offers very high earning potential.

And like any industry, it is shaped by forces in society, such as gentrification, globalization and new technologies.

That includes prostitution in Brooklyn, once known for its seedy red light districts, where the sex trade today has taken on new forms.

At an hourly rate of over .00 per hour and average yearly earnings of over ,000, construction management is one of the highest paying trades on this list.

The field is expected to grow over the next decade by 5%, which translates into an expected additional 18,000 new jobs during the same stretch of time.