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Such groups as: Anabaptists, Calvinism, Christian Science, Church of England, Donatism, Druze, Franciscans, Fundamendalism, Huguenots, Jesuits, knights Templars, Lollards, Orthodox Church, Pentecostal Church, Plymouth Brethren, Separatists, Waldneses, etc.

T-21D This course covers: The Logos, the vision of St.

It gives the student a better understanding of words such as: anthropomorphism, antinomianism, cabala, eschatology, gnosticism, monarchianism, monotheism, mysticism, pantheism, polytheism, theism, etc. Vestal on his research of the origin of the Trinity doctrine. This thesis is required of the student to trace the history of Jerusalem from its earliest beginnings to the present time.

The lesson also deals with the branches of Theology, theosophy, transubstantiation, and Unitarianism. Quotes from major Encyclopedias and Theologians show that the Trinity doctrine is in error. Vestal also rebuts in writing the theology of Calvin Beisner, and the late Dr. Religions & Religious Groups Ph-97 This course covers Groups from A to Z.

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Give best attention people and activities needing to use technology as an excuse i’m with someone crossed.In addition, they experienced a further Pentecostal phenomenon, which they termed the “Heavenly Anthem” which manifested as an ethereal corporate singing, and many participants and observers claimed to hear celestial accompaniment.Though enthusiastic singing was part of Pentecostal worship from the movement’s beginnings, ecstatic singing in tongues seems to have surfaced among those who eventually formed the Azusa Street Apostolic Faith Mission and added a further dimension of deep spirituality to the meetings at the Mission and beyond.T-24 This course covers: The meaning of Christ's death, discovered Soteriologically, the deity of Christ, the humanity of Christ, the hypostatic union, the kenosis, the work of Christ, the relation of Jesus to the Father, the glorification of the son. This lesson is designed to inform the student how to live a Christian life. How to grow in the Christian life, the Christian and the Holy Spirit, the Christian and the Bible, how to pray as a Christian, the Christian and the Church, the Christian and their finances. This lesson acquaints the student with Greek philosophy, the different branches of philosophy, Chinese philosophy, ethics, free will, logic, metaphysics, modernism, Western philosophy, scholasticism, etc. This lesson deals with famous philosophers past and present, such men as: Anaxagoras, Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, Confucius, Maimonides, Marcus Aurelius,, Philo Judaeus, Plato, Socrates, Voltaire, etc. In 1906, the Pentecostals in Los Angeles reported singing in tongues.